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A Solitaire Game

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A free Print and Play solitaire game based on the cold war. Perfect for educational purpose or just to have fun! (3).png
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The Cold War has paused the world.

Tensions are high between two superpowers, each looming and waiting to pounce should the other make the wrong move.

In this game, you are the leader of one of these two superpowers, and all you have is your strategy and instincts to help protect and lead your nation to glory. Can you outwit your opponent and come out on top?

The fate of your nation rests in your hands.


The game takes place in 18 rounds that retrace 18 real events during the cold war. Each event is represented by a card that describes the details of the event.


What's included

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Set up example

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Board and Rules:

1 Game Board (12,2 cm x 17,8 cm)

1 Ruleset (12,2 cm x 17,8 cm) 

1 intelligence report counter

1 Printing Guidelines

19 cards:

6 Early War cards

8 Mid War cards

4 Late War cards

1 Intelligence report card


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